We flew to London in a small ship to meet her parents at a doctor’s office. Much of the city was underwater but looked amazing as we approached. Our pilot was an authoritative but gentle-seeming young woman who didn't smile much. It was a pleasant and quick flight.

At the doctor’s, She told her parents I had news for them. But I didn’t want to tell them my news, so instead I joked that the news was that She wasn’t pregnant. I felt self-conscious about my crooked and missing teeth as we all laughed.

Later, She and I ended up in a park. A younger couple was sitting at a table across the grass from us, making out and listening to generic hard rock music. A few moments later I was rubbing and scratching my back against a tree when I heard the boy saying something, so I turned around.

He was closer now and facing us.

Then we were all a lot closer.