I was wandering through a dim but warmly lit hallway when I got the sense that someone else was near. Someone or something was running fast from one shadowy room to another. I saw her in the corner of my eye a few times before I eventually got a good look at her. It was a little black girl. She was looking for her baby brother, who appeared to be a grown man.

At some point it occurred to me that this girl was actually a spirit existing between dimensions, and that her brother was still incarnate on Earth but somehow learned to communicate with her. He had projected some part of his being into the place we were in, and was also running around. He was laughing.

Through a window, I saw a luminous being approaching. It called to me and passed through the wall like it was fog. The hall was glowing and the air was charged with gnosis.

There was an abyss below the window, but I climbed over the railing and jumped towards the being, which smiled and opened its arms.