Brandon Meged (b. 1986) is a Chicano artist based in the southwestern United States.

Most of my work is borne out of a struggle to bring opposing elements into harmony. My art is constructed of and infused with figures and symbols from my subconscious. I often write down or sketch dreams or visions. The resulting notes often develop into larger works, which are further embellished and ornamented or combined with other icons and archetypes culled from my unconscious mind. More and more I find myself indiscriminately juxtaposing these disparate elements and allowing them to spontaneously react to each other, rather than composing with a foundation based in any literal, linear concept. Regarding technique, while I worked for many years to develop the skills to accurately copy what I observe, I have found myself gravitating away from strict realism and towards drawing more from imagination and memory. I have since realized that this is typically a cartooning strategy, in which the artist attempts to preserve the particular-but-general essence of a thing in the most economical way possible. Although much of what I draw is still representational to a degree, I prefer to think of the conceptual structure of my art as more akin to poetry than prose. In addition to visionary art and outsider art, I am heavily influenced by and interested in comics or sequential art, specifically underground comix and alternative and art comics. I believe that due to comics’s relatively low position in the hierarchy of arts, it is a medium in which there is still much uncharted territory to explore, especially for artists who are comfortable with experimentation and paradox.